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Our Programs

3 Innovative programs

1. Bike Distribution The tailor-made Coffee Bikes that form the backbone of BTR’s program activities are made available to coffee farmers on designated collectives via micro loans with three-year terms, by which farmers make scheduled monthly payments in coffee. Proceeds from the sale of the coffee beans partially offsets the cost of acquiring the bicycles, and help support the continuation of the program.

2. Bike Repair Shop Construction Setting up a support infrastructure is essential for farmers to validate the investment in a Coffee Bike. BTR helps by building bike shops near the central washing stations on collective cooperative grounds. Shops are set up with fully outfitted workshops and equipped with the spare parts needed for routine maintenance and repairs. By focusing on sustainability, we hope to ensure these bikes enjoy a long and productive lifespan.

3. Training Capacity building is key to sustainability of this project. National mechanics and bike shop manager are provided with internationally recognized industry specific mechanic and management training. Trainees start by assembling Coffee Bikes destined for distribution. National staff at the program headquarters are trained to maintain a supply chain and manage distribution logistics to ensure a steady flow of spare parts and support throughout the coffee cooperative network. Part of BTR’s ongoing efforts is designing and distributing reference materials tailored specifically for use in Rwanda.