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How to choose clothes to ride?

To make you feel more comfortable during each cycling session, specialized clothing is always recommended. However, it would be quite difficult to understand what you should and shouldn’t be wearing in different seasons.
Hence, our post provides everything you need to know about choosing clothes to ride depending on the seasonal conditions.

For summer cycling

During the hot and humid weather of the summer months, you will need breathable clothes to help relieve you from the burning temperature. Here is the proper clothing set up for you:

Base layer

Since you’ll be working even harder under the burning sun of summer, it would be quite useful to wear a base layer under your clothes to absorb sweat and moisture. Make sure the base layer has good breathability and ventilation so you won’t be trapped under a damp and sweaty shirt. On top of that, the base layer should have a relatively good fit to your body so it can absorb moisture instantly.

Mid Layer

Instead of wasting your money on cheap cotton shirts, it’s always wise to invest in a high-quality cycling jersey. With cotton shirts, the sweat is quickly absorbed from the base layer but will be trap within the cotton fabric, making it extremely uncomfortable. This also neglected the main effect of the base layer, making it somewhat useless.

On the other hand, cycling jerseys are usually made of technical fabrics that allow them to wick away sweat in a short amount of time. This ensures a comfortable throughout your cycling session. In additions, they also come with a convenient pocket for keeping your essentials.

Weatherproof jacket

And whatever season it is, there will be rain. So it would be useful to carry with you a portable jacket during your cycling session. The jacket should be relatively thin and light, making it easily foldable. On top of that, you’ll need to find a jacket with decent waterproof and windproof to protect you since certain situations.


Top 10 benefits of daily cycling you should know

It’s scientifically proved that cycling, like any other sports and exercises, comes with significant benefits. Hence, doing it daily should be your first priority.
For those who’re thinking of getting into cycling, here are the top 10 benefits of the sports that would motivate to pick up your bike and ride on.

Effective weight loss

If you want to get rid of a few pounds of fat at your belly, then you should definitely start riding on your bike each day. When it comes to effective weight loss, you basically just have to burn more calories than the amount that you take in. And what could be more effective than doing sports?

It’s estimated that during an hour of cycling, your body can consume from 400 to 1000 calories depending on the intensity of the practice session. This means that you can burn up all those useless junk foods that you’ve consumed during the whole day in just a one-hour cycling session.
Hence, combining with a healthy diet and frequent practices, you can achieve your desired weight in no time.

Better cardiovascular system

Sports activities like cycling have many positive effects on our cardiovascular system. Due to the intensity of the exercise, your cardiovascular system is required to work hard to quickly pump up the blood to every cell inside your body.
Doing this frequently, and at an appropriate intensity, would significantly strengthen your heart and the blood vessels, making them stronger, more efficient, and resilient.

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Top 9 best cycling accessories you’ll need to start your training

For many beginners who’re getting into biking, the first and foremost question that you should be asking yourself is “what cycling accessories do I need”. The reason being that having the essential gears and accessories would help you a lot in getting comfortable with the training. Hence, here we’ll be introducing the top 9 cycling accessories that you’ll need to begin your training.



First thing first, you need to make sure you have your head protected. And though it’s not compulsory by the authorities, you should never go out cycling without a reliable helmet. For most of the time, lightweight, breathability, safety, and durability should be the key qualities when looking a suitable helmet. And if you’re more into racing, having a helmet with a more aerodynamic design should be reasonable. Nonetheless, you should ensure it has a good fit and is sturdy enough to protect your head when unwanted accidents happen.

Cycling jacket

For bikers, it’s always wise to have a cycling jacket on you when heading out, especially during cold and wet conditions. The rain would make you feel extremely uncomfortable if they get on your skin. Most cycling jacket comes with relatively lightweights and useful features like waterproof, windproof, and so on, which would give you great benefits when riding outside.

Cycling gloves

Since you always need to maintain a good and comfortable grip on your handlebar, cycling gloves should be an essential accessory for bikers. They provide extra paddings for relieving your hands from stress and protecting them from impacts. Not to mention that they usually made from breathable materials to keep your hands dry and cool. Having these would be a great support, especially during a long practice session.


Distribution of Bikes at Karaba!!

The first 400 bikes are being distributed in Rwanda at the cooperative. Throughout the next several weeks the bikes will be assembled and distributed to 400 farmers that have expressed interest in the Bikes to Rwanda program.

We are following the progress as the bikes hit the ground. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks to all who have helped to make this happen so far!

Big thanks to all the fantastic folks in San Fran!!

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Hillary and I were in SF for the weekend and it was fantastic.
The event at Ritual started a little after high noon on Saturday.
There were five racers in the beginning – each had to, in any way they could, transport the 130 pound bag of green coffee via bike from
Ritual 1 on Valencia to Ritual 2 on Jerrold. We were thinking this wasn’t very far, but I am pretty sure 3 miles with that weight was far enough!
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Bikes to Rwanda Appoints New Executive Director

Bikes To Rwanda (BTR) is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Gilmore as the organization’s new Executive Director. Brian assumed responsibility for day-to-day operations of BTR on June 1st, opening a new chapter for BTR and setting the stage for an exciting second half of 2010. To read the press release detailing Brian’s appointment, click on the link below.

Thank You,
The BTR Team

Give It Up!

11.9.10 — Bikes To Rwanda was invited to participate in the 2010 edition of Willamette Week’s annual year-end fundraising drive, Give! Guide. Give! Guide is a publication, accompanied by a website, whose primary goal is to facilitate year-end giving to a cross-section of Portland-area non-profit organizations. Give!Guide’s goals are to encourage people age 18-35 to get involved in philanthropy; to attract new donors and/or volunteers to these causes; and to provide publicity and exposure for a variety of local non-profits.

To learn more about Give! Guide and to support Bikes To Rwanda’s work click here.

Bikes To Rwanda Needs Your Help Meeting The Challenge!

A Bikes To Rwanda supporter has pledged $60,000 to Bikes To Rwanda to purchase cargo bicycles, tools, spare parts, and building materials to support our program activities in Rwanda. There are two catches though; we need to be able to raise $60,000 to match their gift dollar-for-dollar and we have to do it by December 31st, 2010. This is an tremendous opportunity for BTR to acquire the resources it needs to reach previously unserved communities in Rwanda. Help us meet the challenge and donate today! For information on how you can donate, refer to our contribute page, or donate through Give! Guide by clicking here .

Interview With Bikes To Rwanda’s Executive Director Featured on Osprey Packs Blog

Celebrated in backpacking circles for the tremendous fit and finish of their products, Colorado-based pack maker Osprey has been winning over cyclists in droves of late with hydration packs that incorporate the same fit and finish for which their larger packs are renown. Bike Blog is Osprey’s own cycling focused blog and their “Pedaling Change” segment posted earlier this week features an interview with Bikes To Rwanda’s own Brian Gilmore. To read the interview, click here.

Red Hook Criterium Race Favorite Riding for Bikes To Rwanda

New York City’s most exciting urban race to draw a talented field this Saturday night


Red Hook, New York’sBikes To Rwanda, a non-profit organization that supplies custom cargo bikes to coffee farmers in Africa, is proud to announce that professional rider Neil Bezdek will be guest racing for the newly formed Bikes To Rwanda Cycling Team in the fourth annual Red Hook Criterium.

The event is happening this Saturday, March 26, in the industrial Red Hook section of Brooklyn.

The race marks a homecoming of sorts for Bezdek, who worked as New York City bicycle messenger before he started his career as a professional bike racer. Bezdek won the Red Hook Criterium in 2009, and although he didn’t compete last year he did race last fall in the international running of the Red Hook Criterium in Milan, Italy. Bezdek was heavily favored to win in Milan but was overtaken in a daring effort by Jon Ander Ortuondo’sa sour loss that Bezdek says stayed with him all winter.