Bikes to Rwanda News Top 9 best cycling accessories you’ll need to start your training

Top 9 best cycling accessories you’ll need to start your training

For many beginners who’re getting into biking, the first and foremost question that you should be asking yourself is “what cycling accessories do I need”. The reason being that having the essential gears and accessories would help you a lot in getting comfortable with the training. Hence, here we’ll be introducing the top 9 cycling accessories that you’ll need to begin your training.



First thing first, you need to make sure you have your head protected. And though it’s not compulsory by the authorities, you should never go out cycling without a reliable helmet. For most of the time, lightweight, breathability, safety, and durability should be the key qualities when looking a suitable helmet. And if you’re more into racing, having a helmet with a more aerodynamic design should be reasonable. Nonetheless, you should ensure it has a good fit and is sturdy enough to protect your head when unwanted accidents happen.

Cycling jacket

For bikers, it’s always wise to have a cycling jacket on you when heading out, especially during cold and wet conditions. The rain would make you feel extremely uncomfortable if they get on your skin. Most cycling jacket comes with relatively lightweights and useful features like waterproof, windproof, and so on, which would give you great benefits when riding outside.

Cycling gloves

Since you always need to maintain a good and comfortable grip on your handlebar, cycling gloves should be an essential accessory for bikers. They provide extra paddings for relieving your hands from stress and protecting them from impacts. Not to mention that they usually made from breathable materials to keep your hands dry and cool. Having these would be a great support, especially during a long practice session.

Cycling shorts

To guarantee a comfortable and effective ride, you need to ensure that your legs stay dry and cool throughout the exercises. Hence, cycling shorts should be an indispensable accessory for cycler. Their breathable layers allowing the sweat and heat to escape quickly, thus you won’t be bothered during your training. Not to mention that cycling shorts are also made from flexible materials that provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

Cycling shoes

Let’s not forget about your precious feet. Since they’ll have to work a lot during your training, it’s important to take good care of them with a pair of cycling shoes. Due to the stiff soles design, these shoes would keep your feet from being sore and numb.


Unfortunately, thieves are still a major problem for bikers. You can easily lose your bike when leaving it out in the streets for just in a matter of seconds. So it’s important to have a bike lock along with you when going out. There are many different types of lock in the market, but from our experiences, the U and D types should be the ones that you looking for. They come with a relatively unique design so the thieves would have a harder time finding leverage.


Lighting is extremely important, especially when you’re cycling during low-visibility conditions. They don’t only give you a better vision but also allow you to be seen by other vehicles. This ensures your safety even when riding during the night. Your best bet should be the efficient yet bright LEDs with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Air pump

Every once in a while, your tire pressure will drop and require to be pump up. Failed to do that and you risk riding on a flat tire that could cause accidents at any time. Hence, I always find it useful to have a portable air pump with me during my training session. Not to mention that modern air pump is now capable of pumping up your tires in just a few seconds while having a relatively small size.


You’ll never know what might hit your eyes while riding on the street. It could be a bug, some dust, the falling rain, and so on. Whatever it is, you will not likely to feel comfortable, and worst, your eyes can be damaged. Hence, I always recommend my fellow cyclers to wear protective eyewear when we’re on the road. The best options you should aim for are glasses with maximum coverage to protect your eyes and interchangeable lens to adapt to suitable conditions.


Don’t want to hit by muds from the vehicle ahead of you? Let’s not do it to other people either by installing mudguards on your bike. Moreover, having mudguards will also keep your body from being covered in mud when cycling during rainy weathers.

Hope you’ve known what are the essential cycling accessories that you need.