Bikes to Rwanda News A New Steed For Helping Those in Need. We Have A Winner!

A New Steed For Helping Those in Need. We Have A Winner!

Bike Month has just wrapped and with the wrapping of four weeks of bike related revelry came the conclusion of the Globe Haul raffle. We ran the raffle the length of Bike Month with the support of our friends at Pedalr. Entrants have been eagerly awaiting news of the winner, promised to be announced yesterday. The announcement might be a few hours overdue, but rest assured me picked the winner on the appointed day.

Last night, with entrants names, paper, and scissors in hand, we got down to the business of randomly selecting the winner the old fashioned way: by plucking a name from a hat, or in this case, from a helmet. Filling a Team Sky Edition KASK Vertigo helmet–the official helmet of the Bikes To Rwanda Cycling Team–with slips of paper bearing entrants names, we gave them a good mixing, then drew the winner.

Pulling out the winner.

From the helmet came a name, a winner’s name: Tom Billionis. Tom Billionsihailing from Springfield, Missouri, you sir are the lucky winner of a brand new Globe Haul! Congrats Tom, a new steed for helping those in need!

In spite of his best efforts to load the raffle in his favor by purchasing a brazillion tickets, Shawn from the Twin Cities came up short. We like his tenacity, and the fact that he has come close to financing a new bike for a farmer single-handedly, so we’re going to send him a set of very limited edition Hold Fast FRS to keep him locked in while riding the frozen tundra.

Bike To Rwanda Cycling Team Limited Edition Hold Fast FRS

Thanks for your support Shawn!

A debt of gratitude is owed to not only the guys at Pedalr without whom we wouldn’t have been able to run the raffle, but also the fellas at Bicycle Coffee Company who lobbied Globe Bikes on our behalf. Thanks are also definitely due to Globe Bikes. Without a bike to raffle, there would have been no raffle.

Thanks again everyone. Your support is essential to our effort to improve the lives and livelihoods of coffee farmers in Rwanda.

Executive Director
Bikes To Rwanda